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How Big Is The Ecosystem Growing On Clouds?

Letting go of infrastructure is hard, but once you do – or perhaps more precisely, once you can – picking it back up again is a whole lot harder. This is perhaps going to be the long-term lesson that cloud computing teaches the information technology industry as it moves back in time to data...
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Virtustream Launches Global Hyper-scale Storage Cloud

Dell EMC cloud will face tough, entrenched competition from IBM Softlayer, Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle for enterprise storage business. EMC, soon to be known as Dell EMC in the enterprise IT world, on May 2 launched a global, hyper-scale storage cloud to compete in a huge emerging market with IBM...
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No Objections to Object Stores: Everyone's Going Smaller and Faster

A couple of weeks ago I published an article about high performance object storage. Reactions have been quite diverse. Some think that object stores can only be huge and slow and then others who think quite the opposite. In fact, they can also be fast and small. In the last year I’ve had a lot of...
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Defining the OpenStack Cloud Roadmap

VIDEO: Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, gives the new roadmap effort a 'D' grade, but expects improvement soon. In the standard philosophy that has defined open-source since its earliest days, developers simply "scratch an itch" for things they want done, rather than...
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Apache Milagro Aims to Fix Web Security for Cloud, Mobile, IoT

Editor's Note: This article is paid for by MIRACL as a Diamond-level sponsor of ApacheCon North America, to be held May 11-13, 2016, and was written by As the Internet continues to both grow in size and widen in scope, so do demands on the supporting infrastructure.  The number of users...
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IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud Services for Government, Healthcare Sectors

IBM announced Friday it is launching its own framework for running blockchain networks along with new services on the IBM Cloud designed to meet security and regulatory compliance. Blockchain, best known as the technology behind bitcoin, is a distributed, encrypted database architecture that is...
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Auto-Scale Everything

If you’ve never received a message like this from your cloud provider, consider yourself lucky, because you will eventually: Dear Amazon EC2 Customer, One or more of your Amazon EC2 instances is scheduled for maintenance on 2016–01–01 for 2 hours starting at 05:00 UTC. During this time, the...
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OpenStack for NFV Applications: SR-IOV and PCI Passthrough

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) initiatives in the telecommunication industry require specific OpenStack functionalities enabled. Without entering into the details of the NFV specifications, the goal in OpenStack is to optimise network, memory and CPU performance on the running instances. In...
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Meeting other Apache contributors at ApacheCon 2015
"I feel like I'm a member of a huge family who cares very much for each other," said Dammina Sahabandu, Apache Bloodhound participant and ApacheCon 2015 attendee.

5 Developers Explain Why They Attend ApacheCon

ApacheCon North America and Apache Big Data are coming up in just a few weeks and it’s an event that Apache and open source community members won’t want to miss. Apache products power half the Internet, manage exabytes of data, execute teraflops of operations, store billions of objects in virtually...
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Apache Apex Is Promoted To Top-Level Project

The rise of interest in Apache Spark has demonstrated just how important streaming data has become in the big data ecosystem. Real-time data and the technologies that support it were perhaps the biggest stars of last month's Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose. So it's probably no...
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