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DevOps is focused on reducing friction and improving collaboration through the entire software delivery cycle, says Mark Imbriaco of Operable.

What is DevOps? Mark Imbriaco Explains

Mark Imbriaco has spent the past 20 years working at some of the most interesting and innovative companies in the industry, including 37Signals, GitHub, and DigitalOcean before moving on to become Co-Founder and CEO at Operable. You can also find him talking about various DevOps topics at...
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Mirantis Embracing Kubernetes and Containers for OpenStack Cloud

Among the vendors that are working on enabling OpenStack to run as a set of containers is Miranits, which is currently developing a new version of its Fuel platform to make use of Kubernetes. To date, Fuel has heavily relied on Puppet configuration management technology to help enable many...
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Creating a Reproducible Build System for Docker Images

As the population of DevOps practitioners grows greater in size, so does the Linux container userbase, as these often go hand in hand. In the world of Linux container implementations, Docker is certainly the most popular for server-side application deployments as of this writing. Docker is a...
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HugOps in Practice: Empathy Skills for DevOps

We think we’re doing the whole DevOps thing right — new hires can deploy on day one, Travis CI is humming along, and we own the code we ship. But then something breaks, something doesn’t go according to plan, tempers flare up, and all that warm, fuzzy collaboration seems to evaporate. What’s going...
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Why Companies Adopt Microservices And How They Succeed

This post into delves into the non-technical aspects of adopting microservices within a company. With the world now being driven by technology, companies must learn to adapt, stay agile and continue to increase velocity in their core business. The transition towards a microservice architecture are...
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Tsuru Open Source PaaS Puts Developers First

A new open source PaaS, Tsuru, is out to ease the application deployment process by reducing it to little more than a Git push command. The workflow for Tsuru, according to its documentation, consists of writing an app, backing it with resources like databases or caching, and deploying it to...
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Developing a Regression Testing Strategy

Teams working in agile test each new function during the release cycle, maybe do some light poking the day before shipping, and then give the thumbs up. Alternately, they just do nothing and software still ships. There is a better way to approach this problem; develop a regression testing strategy...
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Portals: Using GTK+ in a Flatpak

The time is ripe for new ways to distribute and deploy desktop applications: between snappy, Flatpak, AppImage and others there are quite a few projects in this area. Sandboxing Most of these projects involve some notion of sandboxing: isolating the application from the rest of the system. Snappy...
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Architectural Considerations for Open-Source PaaS and Container Platforms

The market for open source PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and Container platforms is rapidly evolving, both in terms of technologies and the breadth of offerings being brought to market to accelerate application development. Many IT organizations and developers are now mandating that any new software...
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10 Biggest Mistakes in Using Static Analysis

Using static analysis the right way can provide us with cleaner code, higher quality, fewer bugs, and better maintenance. But, not everybody knows how to do it the right way. Check out this list of mistakes to avoid when performing static analysis. Static analysis was introduced to the software...
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