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The Life of a Serverless Microservice on AWS

Microservices have specific lifecycles, too — read on to learn how to manage them. In this post, I will demonstrate how you can develop, test, deploy, and operate a production-ready serverless microservice using the AWS ecosystem. The combination of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway allows us to...
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New Toolset Makes it Possible to Build and Ship Docker Containers Within Ansible

Using Ansible playbooks, instead of Docker's tools, opens the doors to new kinds of dev automation. A new project from the creators of the system automation framework Ansible, now owned by Red Hat, wants to make it possible to build Docker images and perform container orchestration within Ansible....
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Virtualization at Scale: How to Operationalize and Commercialize

One of the major causes for lack of full scale operationalization is the operators' shortcoming with their existing network management and siloed operations support systems (OSS), which limits their ability to effectively fulfill and assure services in a hybrid environment. In many instances...
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The Small Batches Principle

Reducing waste, encouraging experimentation, and making everyone happy Q: What do DevOps people mean when they talk about small batches? A: To answer that, let's take a look at an unpublished chapter from the upcoming book The Practice of System and Network Administration, third edition, due out in...
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Open Source Jobs Report 2016
Employers are in the market for open source professionals with experience in configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible or SaltStack, according to Dice.

How Cloud Computing is Driving Demand for Open Source Talent

There are very few technologies that have had as big an influence on businesses today as cloud computing. It has completely changed the way in which businesses and tech teams think and function. Prior to the adoption of public cloud technologies, businesses relied heavily upon data centers in order...
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Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams of Mesosphere describes some open source software that works well with Mesos.

Apache Mesos for Beginners: 3 Videos to Help You Get Started

How do you get started learning Apache Mesos? In this series highlighting presentations from MesosCon North America, we have showcased several large complex Mesos projects that elegantly solve difficult problems (see Mesos Large-Scale Solutions, below). In those talks, Uber, Twitter, Verizon Labs...
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Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository

This article outlines the scale of that codebase and details Google's custom-built monolithic source repository and the reasons the model was chosen. Google uses a homegrown version-control system to host one large codebase visible to, and used by, most of the software developers in the company....
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Chef: Now We Know DevOps, How to Understand DevOps Metrics

Instead of starting a potentially very long, conceptual conversation about what DevOps means, it’s more effective to identify a small but non-trivial project or area of your business that would benefit from being able to develop and deploy software faster, at scale… and more easily. This means...
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Function as a Service for Docker

I missed DockerCon live for its closing sessions but I saw a tweet from Jerome mentioning Ben Firshman about “Serverless” Docker. And I really don’t know what does “Severless” mean. So I dig around and found it’s the Function-as-a-Service model. I studied this model a while ago to POC a Map-Reduce...
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Joshua Bernstein
Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Technology at EMC, describes the benefits of open source at MesosCon North America.

Open Source Is Key to the Modern Data Center, Says EMC's Joshua Bernstein

Flexibility, freedom, innovation and integration is the answer. The question is why should the enterprise build on open source? How can a business survive if it gives away everything? Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Technology at EMC, makes the case for enterprise open source in his MesosCon...
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