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How DevOps Failed 60K Users

Back in 2012, when I was an operations engineer at Slideshare, I was part of a team that launched a DevOps model to speed processes and stay ahead of our competition. We were a small startup, with fewer than 20 employees, building what became one of the most successful professional content sharing...
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Building Serverless Apps with Docker

Every now and then, there are waves of technology that threaten to make the previous generation of technology obsolete.  There has been a lot of talk about a technique called “serverless” for writing apps. The idea is to deploy your application as a series of functions, which are called on-demand...
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The 2016 State of DevOps Report says high-performing organizations are widening their lead against lower-performing organizations. [Image: Puppet]

Successful DevOps Deployment Involves Shift in Culture and Processes

To create sustained high performance, organizations must invest as much in their people and processes as they do in their technology, according to Puppet’s 2016 State of DevOps Report. The 50+ page report, written by Alanna Brown, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, Nigel Kersten, and Gene Kim, aimed...
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Godfather of DevOps
Patrick Debois (left) -- aka the Godfather of DevOps -- with John Willis.

What is DevOps? Patrick Debois Explains

Patrick Debois is best known as the founder of DevOpsDays and as a creator of the DevOps movement, which explains why some refer to him as the “Godfather of DevOps”. As CTO of Small Town Heroes, an interactive video company, he puts these DevOps practices to the test on a daily basis to deliver...
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With Cloud Foundry, Provides a Federally-Compliant Cloud for Government Work

Ensuring U.S. government agencies have a compliant cloud-based infrastructure is the task of the General Services Administration’s 18F digital services, which created, a Cloud Foundry-based hosted cloud service specifically for federal agencies. In this episode of The New Stack Makers ...
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Serverless Architectures

Like many trends in software there’s no one clear view of what ‘Serverless’ is, and that isn't helped by it really coming to mean two different but overlapping areas: Serverless was first used to describe applications that significantly or fully depend on 3rd party applications / services (‘in the...
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Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes Available in Beta

Platform9, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup founded by former VMware engineers, is making its managed Kubernetes platform available in beta to potential customers. The enterprise-ready platform is intended to make it easier for users to deploy and manage Docker containers and also to...
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Serverless Microservices (and Minimal Ops): Current Limitations of AWS Lambda

At the heart of a microservice is the running code itself. Microservices also contain their own runtime, so they don't need to run on an ESB.  Using a serverless approach, you can distribute the workloads to optimize runtime. Microservices can be used to create this architecture, and scale...
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fast track
Open source skills are in high demand. Get on the fast track to new skills with these training opportunities.

Looking for a New DevOps Gig? Take the Fast Track with These Training Opportunities

Open source knowledge is very valuable in today’s job market. The 2016 Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation clearly showed that hiring managers are placing much value on open source cloud, networking, and security skills. It also showed that DevOps is emerging as a red hot job category...
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Gradle Goodness: Running All Tests From One Package

Hubert Klein Ikkink shows how to run all tests in Gradle from one package, complete with a set of instructions for different scenarios. If we have a Gradle task of type Test we can use a filter on the command line when we invoke the task. We define a filter using the --tests option. If, for example...
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