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Holberton school
Innovative full stack engineering school is teaming with PagerDuty to teach what being a real-life DevOps is like, sometimes at 3am. [Image source: Sylvain Kalache]

DevOps Students Learn the Value of Uptime With 3 a.m. Calls

Students at the Holberton School, San Francisco’s innovative new school for training students of any age to be full stack software engineers, are being woken early, really early, to learn just what’s it’s like to be a part of a DevOps team. DevOps is a set of practices, a philosophy aiming for...
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managing IT orgs and steering digital transformation in the enterprise
When managing IT organizations and steering digital transformation in the enterprise, technology leaders need to support proper use of both OSS and commercial technologies as part of their toolchain, while putting the right systems in place to enable enterprise-scale, governance and security.

Open Source as Part of Your Software Delivery Toolchain in the Enterprise: Perspectives for CIOs

A myriad of point-tools are involved in every organizations’ software production. Some of our enterprise customers report using over 50 tools along their pipeline – from code development all the way to releasing into Production. For the majority of development organizations today, these tools are...
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What is DevOps? Michael Ducy Explains

Michael Ducy is known by many as the goat whisperer and co-host of the Goat Farm podcast and blog focused on DevOps in the enterprise. He is a champion for the idea that you should staff your DevOps team with curious, hungry individuals (goats) from within your company, rather than from the outside...
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How Docker Has Changed the DevOps Game

Cloud computing has paved the way for programmable infrastructure, which brought extreme automation into software development lifecycle. The ability to provision resources, configuring them on the fly, deploying applications, and monitoring the entire process led to the DevOps culture where...
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TNS Research: The Present State of Container Orchestration

The New Stack ran a survey that was able to target users of container management technology, with 70 percent of respondents using containers to some degree. We found that there is indeed uncertainty about what it means to manage and orchestrate containers. There is also a developing consensus that...
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Portworx Aims Container Storage at Enterprise Databases

Container storage heats up pre-Dockercon. In the days leading up to DockerCon, it seems like storage is taking its turn at being the hot topic in containers, withCoreOS and EMC recently announcing container-storage projects. Today, Portworx is up. The Redwood City, Calif.-based startup released a...
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The Quest to Make Code Work Like Biology Just Took A Big Step

The Google search engine isn’t software that runs on a single machine. Serving millions upon millions of people around the globe, it’s software that runs on thousands of machines spread across multiple computer data centers. Google runs this entire service like a biological system, as a vast...
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four burgers on a plate
You know the saying: fast, cheap, or good, pick two. Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot show that you can have all three with Apache Mesos.

4 Unique Ways Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot Use Apache Mesos

You know the saying: fast, cheap, or good, pick two. Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot show that you can have all three with Apache Mesos. Apache Mesos is a cluster manager; it sits between the application layer and the operating system, and deploys and manages applications in large-scale...
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Viewing build details in Travis
Viewing build details in Travis.

How to Automate Web Application Testing With Docker and Travis

This tutorial is part of a series on how to create CI/CD pipelines for your web applications using Docker containers. It is following up the first part focused on how to use Docker Hub to automatically build your application images. Application testing is key for a properly functioning web...
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7 Open Source DevOps Products and Their Channel Impact

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: the DevOps mode of software development is fast becoming one of the new big forces in the channel. Here's a look at some of the key projects and products in the open source DevOps space, and an explanation of how each one will change the way...
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