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Performance Patterns in Microservices-Based Integrations

Almost all applications that perform anything useful for a given business need to be integrated with one or more applications. With microservices-based architecture, where a number of services are broken down based on the services or functionality offered, the number of integration points or touch...
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Steady User Growth Characterizes Cloud Foundry Ecosystem

The CF community now includes 173 user groups with 33,400-plus individual members across 105 cities in 48 countries, CEO Sam Ramji said. Cloud Foundry might be the only PaaS to have its own user conference—a three-day one, at that. Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud platform as a service...
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HPE Targets DevOps and Agile with New Application Lifecycle Management Software

On Wednesday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the general availability ALM Octane, its cloud-based application lifecycle management offering that is geared towards making customers' DevOps processes more efficient. The platform makes use of common toolsets and frameworks, such as Jenkins...
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4 Steps To Secure Serverless Applications

Serverless applications remove a lot of the operational burdens from your team. No more managing operating systems or running low level infrastructure. This lets you and your team focus on building…and that’s a wonderful thing. But don’t let the lack of day-to-day operational tasks fool you into...
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Introducing Blue Ocean: A New User Experience for Jenkins

In recent years developers have become rapidly attracted to tools that are not only functional but are designed to fit into their workflow seamlessly and are a joy to use. This shift represents a higher standard of design and user experience that Jenkins needs to rise to meet. We are excited to...
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3 Things Infrastructure as Code Is Not

The role of the network engineer is changing. This is not a result of DevOps, although some would claim it is. As DevOps takes center stage in organizations, it can seem like network engineers are being asked to become developers. There have been a number of talks discussing this, some of which...
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DevOps: A Culture or Concrete Activity?

As implicit in the name, DevOps was meant to bring development and operations teams together into a more cohesive IT staff. QA management, likewise, was absorbed into what essentially became a collaborative team that worked together toward a common goal. The idea here was to eliminate the kinks in...
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Ciena Says Toolkit Makes DevOps Easier

Ciena is unveiling a new software toolkit for its Blue Planet orchestration platform designed to help network operators embrace a DevOps approach to adding new services and features to their virtualized network infrastructure. The new tools can be used by telecom operators' own personnel or in...
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Architecting Containers Part 5: Building a Secure and Manageable Container Software Supply Chain

In Architecting Containers Part 4: Workload Characteristics and Candidates for Containerization we investigated the level of effort necessary to containerize different types of workloads. In this article I am going to address several challenges facing organizations that are deploying containers –...
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Luciano Resende
Luciano Resende, architect at the Spark Technology Center, speaks at Apache Big Data.

IBM Uses Apache Spark Across Its Products to Help Enterprise Customers [Video]

IBM loves Apache Spark. It’s training its engineers on it, it’s contributing to the project, and it’s building many of its big data products on top of the open source platform so IBM’s enterprise customers can use its powerful tools. Luciano Resende, an architect at IBM’s Spark Technology Center,...
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