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Jenkins 2.0 Adds Pipeline-as-Code for Continuous Delivery

On Tuesday, CloudBees — the steward of commercial Jenkins — announced general availability of Jenkins 2.0 to the community. With this release comes the first officially supported implementation of one domain-specific language (DSL) for the coding of pipelines for continuous delivery — for “pipeline...
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Prepare for New OpenStack Admin Certification Exam With The Linux Foundation

With some studies showing the majority of private cloud deployments are on OpenStack, it’s essential that that today’s SysAdmins and DevOps pro’s are proficient on this important technology. That’s why today at OpenStack Summit in Austin, The OpenStack Foundation announced the availability of a...
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Decoded Conference

The DECODED Open Source Conference is a two-day, four-track conference in Dublin, Ireland, where you will hear from the experts who are in the trenches, building open source technologies with customers in the Microsoft ecosystem on Azure, using high scale data, machine learning, client-side dev,...
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How Cloud Computing and the On-Demand Economy Are Remaking IT Careers

New tech and innovative business models are changing the shape of tech employment. That role of the IT professional is changing, thanks to new technology and new business models. Rather than simply employing experts in coding and testing, businesses are keen to tap into the skills of business-...
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This blog post is the first in a regular tech series from the Yell engineering team looking at challenges they face and problems they solve across Yell’s various digital solutions. Here, Yell’s Head of Web Engineering, Steve Workman, looks back over‘s seven-month transition to HTTPS, (a ...
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Cornelia Davis, Pivotal CTO, discusses cloud platforms at Collaboration Summit 2016.
Cornelia Davis, Pivotal CTO, discusses cloud platforms at Collaboration Summit 2016.

Why Using a Cloud Native Platform Transforms Enterprise Innovation [Video]

In the four years that Cornelia Davis has worked on the open source Cloud Foundry platform at Pivotal, she has spent much time explaining the technical merits of the emerging technology to customers and partners, she said in her keynote at Collaboration Summit last month. “But I spent just as much...
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Once your first data has been sent to logstash, it is then possible to create your first index by logging into kibana.
ELK, which stands for Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana, is one of the most standard solutions to collect and search logs.

How to Manage Logs in a Docker Environment With Compose and ELK

The question of log management has always been crucial in a well managed web infrastructure. Well managed logs will, of course, help you monitor and troubleshoot your applications, but it can also be source of information to know more about your users or investigate any eventual security incidents...
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Four Companies Setting the Stage for Programmable Infrastructure

As the world of application development has evolved, so too have the infrastructures used to support the storage and networks demands of todays enterprises. So it is not surprising that there is increasing buzz around programmable infrastructure, an emerging method in which the automated practices...
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Q&A: Gene Kim Explains the Joy of DevOps

Devops is one of those volatile topics that mixes human behavior patterns with technology, often yielding dramatic increases in productive output -- that is, more high-quality software at a much faster pace. It's a fascinating area. But is devops fascinating enough for a novel? Gene Kim guessed...
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Denver, Colorado skyline
MesosCon North America will take place June 1-2 in Denver, CO.

Apache Spark and Vsync Creators to Keynote at MesosCon 2016

The Linux Foundation today announced the lineup of keynote speakers and educational sessions for MesosCon North America. The Mesos community will gather June 1-2 in Denver, CO for a full two days of conference sessions, keynotes, evening events and a hackathon to learn more about the Apache Mesos...
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