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Scaling Collaboration in DevOps

Most DevOps platforms and tools are designed with scalability in mind. DevOps environments often run in the cloud and tend to be volatile. It’s important for the software that supports DevOps to be able to scale in real time to address spikes and lulls in demand. The same thing is true for the...
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OSOps Gives Operators a Powerful Tool to Poke OpenStack Developers

For JJ Asghar, senior partner engineer of OpenStack at Chef, there is one issue that continues to hamper OpenStack’s success: Operations. It’s no secret in the Ops community that there is a large barrier to entry involved in becoming a part of theOpenStack community. When it comes to submitting...
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Enterprises Bullish On 100 GbE, Cloud, And SDN

Study provides a view into how enterprise networks are changing.  Companies are tackling surging bandwidth requirements by adding bigger network pipes and adopting newer technologies such as cloud and software-defined networking, according to a new study released today. The ninth annual State of...
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ONUG Hopes to Nudge Networks Toward Real Interoperability

For all the complexity underlying software-defined networking (SDN) — the shift to a DevOps culture, the ending of siloed organizational habits — one recurring gripe is that all these “open” and “standards-based” networking products don’t operate cleanly with one another. It’s an old complaint in...
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DevOps and Sharing

Right now I hold the hilarious title of “DevOps Heroine” at Acrolinx. For non-native English speakers: a heroine is a female hero. I started working at Acrolinx in the beginning of this year. Earlier I was a junior software engineer at a small Polish company called Three of Coins. Three of Coins is...
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Avoiding Common Hang-ups in DevOps Pipelines

While many federal agencies have begun adopting a DevOps approach to software development, some are still struggling to develop proper DevOps pipelines. This is not surprising; getting a basic continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) process to work correctly is difficult and takes...
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Jenkins Security Patches Could Break Plug-ins

Popular open source automation server Jenkins has fixed multiple security vulnerabilities. The latest version changes how plug-ins use build parameters, though, so developers will need to adapt to the new process.  The vulnerabilities affect all previous releases, including the mainline releases up...
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From Containers to Container Orchestration

The Docker platform and surrounding ecosystem contain many tools to manage the lifecycle of a container. Just one example, Docker Command Line Interface (CLI) supports the following container activities: Pulling a repository from the registry. Running the container and optionally attaching a...
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An In-Depth Guide to Turning a Product Into an Open Source Project

One occasionally runs into a company trying to build an open source project out of an existing product. This is a nuanced problem. This is not a company that owns a project published under an open source license trying to also ship a product of the same name (e.g. Docker, MySQL), but the situation...
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ApacheCon North America and Apache Big Data take place May 9-13, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.
Watch the livestream of ApacheCon North America and Apache Big Data May 9-13, 2016.

Watch Live Keynote From Hadoop Creator Doug Cutting at Apache Big Data Today

Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon take place this week, May 9 - 13, in Vancouver, B.C., and The Linux Foundation is streaming the keynotes live for those who can't attend. Apache: Big Data gathers the Apache projects, people and technologies working in Big Data and is the only event that brings...
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