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August 16, 2009



Apart from the man hell-bent on distributing the essence of a linux operating system, concerned with the security of any and every package that ships with the OS, the proverbial roots of all things slackware... There's a method to the slackware madness~

To me slackware is simplicty at its finest. No 'goo' of an OS oozing from every orifice screaming exploite-me -- The quintessential of being the finest grade like a top shelf premium purple labled liqueur, Slackware wins 10-fold over every other linux distribution.
Not because it's pretty, because it simply works. I can remember many times I have experimented with random distributions, only to return to the only one I find explicitly worthy of being whatever I want it to be, and do whatever I want it to do.
In the end, it's all about what you want.. I want control over my OS in every aspect, I have that in every way shape and form. There's other decent linux distros gentoo, debian, heh I can't think of any more.
To me simplicity is integrity, integrity is key in the digital world and a team of people more concentrated on that in-lieu of, "How big can we get" means a world of difference.

Just my thoughts :>

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