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GitLab Data Loss Incident Prompts a Review of its Restore Processes

A short outage this week on the GitLab hosted code service struck a combination of fear and sympathy across the tech community and offered a sharp reminder of the importance of testing your backups again and again (and again). On Tuesday, a GitLab administrator had accidentally erased a directory...
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10 IT Skills that Employers Need in 2017

Unemployment rates in the IT industry are still hovering at historic lows, and some roles -- like network and security engineers and software developers -- are showing unemployment rates of around 1 percent. A recent survey from Robert Half Technology showed that the majority of CIOs will either...
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New Open Source Project Trireme Aims to Secure Containers

A team made of former Cisco and Nuage Networks veterans has developed an open source project it released this week named Trireme that takes an application-centric approach to securing code written in containers. Trireme is deigned to work with Docker containers and integrates with Kubernetes, the...
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NFV Interoperability Testing Needs to Accelerate

Many service providers have deployed network function virtualization (NFV) software but few have the tools in place to orchestrate and manage NFV software from multiple vendors. To foster interoperability, a series of initiatives and services have been launched to help organizations determine what ...
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Click Here to Kill Everyone: Security and the Internet of Things

All computers are hackable. This has as much to do with the computer market as it does with the technologies. We prefer our software full of features and inexpensive, at the expense of security and reliability. That your computer can affect the security of Twitter is a market failure. The industry...
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bmon – A Powerful Network Bandwidth Monitoring and Debugging Tool for Linux

bmon is a simple yet powerful, text-based network monitoring and debugging tool for Unix-like systems, which captures networking related statistics and displays them visually in a human friendly format. It is a reliable and effective real-time bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. It can read input...
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How to Capture and Stream your Gaming Session on Linux

There may not be many hardcore gamers who use Linux, but there certainly are quite a lot Linux users who like to play a game now and then. If you are one of them and would like to show the world that Linux gaming isn’t a joke anymore, then you will find the following quick tutorial on how to...
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How to Use One Time Pad Cryptography with a Raspberry Pi

What if, however, there were a way to be certain that your personal emails, pictures of your pet kitten, backups of your tax returns for the past decade and so on were safe even if intercepted? Enter the One Time Pad. The Notorious OTP In simplest terms, a One Time Pad is a series of random numbers...
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Dissecting an SSL Certificate

I think it’s interesting to know what it means to “issue a SSL certificate” and I can talk about that a little. TLS: newer version of SSL I was confused about what this “TLS” thing was for a long time. Basically newer versions of SSL are called TLS (the version after SSL 3.0 is TLS 1.0). I’m going...
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OpenContrail, an SDN platform used with the OpenStack cloud computing platform, is emerging as an essential tool around which administrators will need to develop skillsets.

OpenContrail: An Essential Tool in the OpenStack Ecosystem

Throughout 2016, software-defined networking (SDN) rapidly evolved, and numerous players in the open source and cloud computing arenas are now helping it gain momentum. In conjunction with that trend, OpenContrail, a popular SDN platform used with the OpenStack cloud computing platform, is emerging...
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