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LFCE Prep Course: OSI Network Model (Part 2)

Start exploring Linux Networking and Administration by downloading the free sample chapter today. Download Now   IP packets can only reach from end to end if they are routed properly. Network routers inspect packet headers, and make routing decisions based on the destination address. In this week's...
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UNH-IOL Tackles SDN Interoperability with New Consortium

The University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) has launched a software-defined networking (SDN) consortium to provide controller and switch interoperability testing for SDN vendors and service providers. It also will handle conformance and benchmark testing. The nonprofit...
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The Long March to SDN Transformation

There's been much progress in transforming enterprise networks, but not enough organizations equate advances in software-defined networking (SDN) with increased business agility, according to a new survey from Juniper Networks and Wakefield Research of 2,700 IT decision makers (ITDMs) and business...
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10 Myths About NFV (Mostly) Dispelled

A number of assumptions and myths have sprung up around NFV during the past few years, all of which are worth unpicking. The transition toward network functions virtualization (NFV) is in progress and, as with any technology transition, companies are proceeding with caution. The trick is figuring...
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Learn how to install Tor on Ubuntu

Beginner’s Guide to Tor on Ubuntu

Tor is a software that enables you to hide your identity on the internet. It is an open network that helps defend against traffic analysis and grants you a high level of privacy. Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays (known as onion routing) run by...
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The Wi-Fi Network Edge Leads in an SDN World

New thinking around software-defined networking makes the Wi-Fi network edge especially powerful. Two decades ago, the core was the place to be in campus networking. The networking battles of the 1990s concluded with the edge specialists humbled and assimilated by core product lines. Control the...
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LFCE Prep Course: The OSI Network Model (Part 1)

Explore Linux Networking and Administration today by downloading the free sample. Download Now   Join us in this weekly blog series to get a sneak peek at the new Linux Foundation Certified Engineer Training Course.   Introduction In this series, we're going to have a look at Linux networking...
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Managing Networks in a Software-Defined Future

Most in our industry have heard dramatic descriptions of the ways that software-defined networking (SDN) is set to change IP networks. Monitoring and managing those networks is an essential function, but not a glamorous one. If it's part of your responsibilities, you may have given little thought...
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Virtualization at Scale: How to Operationalize and Commercialize

One of the major causes for lack of full scale operationalization is the operators' shortcoming with their existing network management and siloed operations support systems (OSS), which limits their ability to effectively fulfill and assure services in a hybrid environment. In many instances...
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Data Center SDN: Comparing VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, and Open SDN Options

The data center network layer is the engine that manages some of the most important business data points you have. Applications, users, specific services, and even entire business segments are all tied to network capabilities and delivery architectures. And with all the growth around cloud,...
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