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Infographic: Companies Want Flexibility and Faster Production Time from Software Defined Networking. And They Get It.

In 2013, last time Tech Pro Research conducted a poll on the topic, half of respondents said they didn't know anything about software-defined networking. This time, respondents were more familiar with SDN and much more willing to consider it. Plans to implement increased from 6% in 2013 to 32% now...
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How to Simplify Branch Networks with NFV

Enterprise network functions virtualization, or NFV, can simplify the network design, deployment, and reduce costs at remote branch sites. Many enterprise organizations have a problem: the proliferation of networking hardware at branch sites. A typical branch site might have a mix of devices to...
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The Rise of Deep Learning in the Tech Industry

Tech analysts love trending topics. In fact, that’s their job: forecast and analyze trends. Some years ago we had “Big Data”, more recently “Machine Learning”, and now it s the time of “Deep Learning”. So let’s dive in and try to understand what‘s behind it and what impact it can have on our...
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Rancher & Vapor IO Perform New Tricks With Apache Mesos

Rancher Labs and Vapor IO are announcing moves related to Apache Mesos, the open source container orchestration platform. Rancher is adding Mesos support to its container management environment (also named Rancher), while Vapor IO is bringing its data center management software into Mesosphere‘s DC...
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Linux Foundation Backs HPE’s Open Source Switch OS

OpenSwitch, the operating system for data center network switches Hewlett-Packard Enterprise launched last year as an open source project together with a number of other networking heavyweights, has become an official Linux Foundation project, the foundation announced today. The foundation provides...
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Dave Ward
Cisco CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect Dave Ward speaking at Collaboration Summit.

Bring Networking Projects Under A Common Umbrella, Urges Cisco's Dave Ward

As a “networking guy," Cisco CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect Dave Ward finds it frustrating that today, although somebody can fire up an application and ask for CPU, RAM and storage, they can't even ask for bandwidth. They have very simple networking primitives all the way up to the PaaS (...
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Cumulus Linux 3.0 NOS Now in the Wild

Cumulus Linux is touting a bunch of heavyweights as supporting the latest iteration of its white-box Linux. On board for the launch of the Cumulus Linux 3.0 network operating system are Dell, EdgeCore Networks, Mellanox, Penguin Computing, and Supermicro. For Cumulus, one of the biggest aspects of...
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3 Things Infrastructure as Code Is Not

The role of the network engineer is changing. This is not a result of DevOps, although some would claim it is. As DevOps takes center stage in organizations, it can seem like network engineers are being asked to become developers. There have been a number of talks discussing this, some of which...
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How Blockchain Technology Could Change The World

There’s a lot of hype in the air about blockchain technology at the moment. A recent World Economic Forum report predicts that by 2025 10% of GDP will be stored on blockchains or blockchain related technology. This means it’s probably something which everyone involved in business should take notice...
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Prodip Sen
Prodip Sen, CTO, NFV at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise says open source was the best way to accomplish faster market adoption of NFV.

Telecom Companies Collaborate Through OPNFV to Address Unique Business Challenges

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an emerging alternative to using dedicated hardware appliances, particularly for service providers, where quick, flexible responses to traffic pattern shifts and user demand changes are essential. It implements network tasks like access security, load...
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