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True Network Hardware Virtualization

If your network is fine, read no further. TROUBLE IN PARADISE But it’s likely you’re still reading. Because things are not exactly fine. Because you are probably like 99.999% of us who are experiencing crazy changes in our networks. Traffic in metro networks is exploding, characterized by many...
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ON.Lab Releases Latest ONOS SDN Platform

The Open Network Lab’s Open Network Operating System project unveiled its seventh release targeting a software-defined networking operating system, dubbed “Goldeneye.” ONOS said the Goldeneye release includes advances such as improved adaptive flow monitoring and selective DPI from ETRI, claimed to...
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A Proper TSN Driver Is Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel (Time Sensitive Networking)

Henrik Austad of Cisco has published very early code for implementing a TSN core driver in the Linux kernel. TSN is short for Time Sensitive Networking and was formerly known as Audio/Video Bridging (AVB). TSN is designed for establishing low-latency, jitter-free, guaranteed-bandwidth links over a...
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Nokia Announces Horizontal IoT Platform Called Impact

The Finnish company says its expertise in consumer networks will help create efficiencies for enterprise and government customers. With the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices set to explode in the next decade, Nokia is using its expertise in networking and efficiencies to roll out a...
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Networking skills
The top networking skills employers are looking for include: OpenDaylight, security, and strong fundamentals.

3 Trending Networking Skills Employers Look for in Open Source Pros

Today, open source development is an integral part of the tech industry, as more and more companies are looking for greater collaboration, flexibility and efficiency within their organizations. With what’s trending in tech constantly changing, the open source model provides companies with the...
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Cable Sees NFV Enhancing Network Security

Network functions virtualization is all the rage because of the money it can save, and because of the network flexibility it helps afford, but the cable industry is enthused about NFV for yet another, less publicized benefit: the potential NFV creates for improving network security. "We're looking...
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Huawei Announces Collaboration with Red Hat to Offer Carrier-grade SDN Solutions

Huawei announces completion of SDN Agile Controller certification with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 at Huawei’s Beijing SDN Open Lab. This marks the first time Huawei’s SDN controller has been certified for interoperability with a mainstream cloud platform. It is an important step for Huawei’s SDN...
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High-Availability Allows Business Continuity, Says Dietmar Maurer, Proxmox CTO

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH -- based in Vienna, Austria -- offers enterprise server virtualization solutions, including the open source project Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), which combines container-based virtualization and KVM/QEMU on one web-based management interface. The company was...
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Blockchain as a Service: The New Weapon in the Cloud Wars?

It seems lately you can’t have a discussion around new and disruptive technologies without the word "blockchain" entering the conversation. Blockchain technology, at its basic, is a distributed ledger. In an earlier post, I discussed that while blockchain has close association with bitcoin, it is...
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Open Source and IoT: A Match Made for the Enterprise

Open source IoT platforms are starting to emerge as an attractive options for organizations embarking in the IoT journey. In an extremely nascent and crowded market like enterprise IoT, organizations are trying to rely more and more on open platforms and control their own destiny. Although we are...
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