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Let's Encrypt Free Security Certificate Program Leaves Beta

After four months, the certificate authority is ready to bring free encryption to even more webmasters. The certificate authority (CA) announced on Tuesday that the Let's Encrypt program has left the beta stage of testing after four months, having issued over 1.5 million HTTPS certificates to...
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DataStax Unveils an Enterprise Graph Database Built From Cassandra and TitanDB

In its bid to make Cassandra the go-to database of choice for a wide array of uses, DataStax is launching DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph, a scale-out graph database for cloud applications based on Cassandra and additional graph database technology the company acquired last year. For the new...
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Survey: How valuable is SDN to the enterprise?

Take Tech Pro Research's survey on Software Defined Networking (SDN). Is it in use at your organization?
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A Closer Look into Google Stackdriver

Last month at GCP Next conference, Google announced the public beta of Stackdriver cloud monitoring and logging service. It is designed to be a hybrid monitoring service spanning both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. After launching Compute Engine in 2012, Google moved fast in adding...
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Google Reveals its Shift to an Open Security Architecture

Perimeter fences down, security posture up - Google shows how it's done. Google has revealed how it completely changed its security architecture, shifting from a traditional infrastructure to a more open model in which all network traffic is treated with suspicion. The project, called BeyondCorp,...
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Linux Botnet Attacks Increase in Scale

Linux-targeting malware family is a "high" risk, warn security researchers. Hackers are using malware which targets Linux to build botnets to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS attacks) security researchers have warned. The so-called BillGates Trojan botnet family of malware - apparently so...
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Omar Baldonado, director of engineering at Facebook
Omar Baldonado, director of engineering at Facebook, gave a keynote presentation at Open Networking Summit (ONS) in Santa Clara, Calif., March 14-17, 2016.

Is Software Eating Networking? Facebook Says ‘Yes’

Thanks to Linux, open source has become the de facto development model for a majority of enterprise software projects -- and that’s quickly becoming true in the networking space, as well.   Networking is playing a pivotal role at Facebook, for example, which has written a lot of open source-based ...
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Amazon Releases Smart Home API for Alexa: Developers, Get Ready to Add 'Skills'

Amazon's Alexa line of products will soon get new home automation skills thanks to the release of an API by the company. Amazon is making a great effort to make Alexa -- the smarts behind the Echo -- a full platform. This effort includes enabling developers to add "skills" to the Echo, Tap, and Dot...
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Embedded Linux Conference Europe

Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) has been the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for the past 10 years for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. Learn More.
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LinuxCon Europe

There's simply no other event in Europe where developers, sys admins, architects and all levels of technical talent gather together under one roof for education, collaboration and problem-solving to further the Linux platform. Learn more.
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