September 2, 2003

The #1 Arab Linux Portal is Back

Isam Bayazidi writes "The Linux4Arab site had been the #1 Linux Portal for Arab people for the past 7 years. It had provided the Arab Linux community with General Linux and Open Source news and features, along with Arab-related news for LUGs and Arabization Projects, and Open Source Events.

In August 29, 2003, the site was relaunched with a new look and content, Changes included adding Quick News Section, Other News Section, Linux FAQ Section, several cleaning ups, and a new theme and organization. The site is moderate with the number of visits, it has about 50 thousands visits/month, but we hope that we
will soon reach all Arab Linux Users in the world, which is estimated to be good specialy knowing that Linux is getting to universities in several countries in
the Arab World. (Site is in Arabic Langauge only)"


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