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10 Virtualization Mistakes Everyone Makes


Virtualization can give anyone a headache if it’s not properly set up and thought through. Here are the top 10 mistakes and how to prevent them.

Although we often discuss virtualization as a new thing, the need for the technology is almost as old as computing itself, dating back to the 1960s. Making one system work on another system likely will always be a requirement in our industry. Virtualization is used on client PCs, servers, and clouds as well as in seemingly unrelated technologies such as gaming emulation, which is, in essence, just another form of virtualization.

On one front, virtualization makes your life easier. Yet the Matryoshka doll principle of having something sit inside another thing (and maybe sit inside yet another thing, as with nested virtualization) makes some computing tasks more complex. Complexity always means an increased potential for errors, both in practical terms and mistakes at the conceptual level. Let’s identify the common mistakes and how to avoid them. (My examples primarily use Windows but are equally applicable to virtualization on Linux.)

No. 1. Overprovisioning virtual CPUs

You just gleefully unboxed your shiny new 32-core server rack equipped with near-infinite amounts of RAM.

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