Netflix Cloud Security SIRT Releases Diffy: A Differencing Engine for Digital Forensics in the Cloud


The Netflix Security Intelligence and Response Team (SIRT) announces the release of Diffy under an Apache 2.0 license. Diffy is a triage tool to help digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams quickly identify compromised hosts on which to focus their response, during a security incident on cloud architectures.


  • * Efficiently highlights outliers in security-relevant instance behavior. For example, you can use Diffy to tell you which of your instances are listening on an unexpected port, are running an unusual process, include a strange crontab entry, or have inserted a surprising kernel module.
  • * Uses one, or both, of two methods to highlight differences: 1) Collection of a “functional baseline” from a “clean” running instance, against which your instance group is compared, and 2) a “clustering” method, in which all instances are surveyed, and outliers are made obvious.
  • * Uses a modular plugin-based architecture. We currently include plugins for collection using osquery via AWS EC2 Systems Manager (formerly known as Simple Systems Manager or SSM).

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