June 9, 2015

2016 Cadillac Models Will Get CarPlay and Android Auto

CarPlay and Android Auto announcements are finally starting to pick up in recent months â and the latest is Cadillac, which just announced it'll be deploying both across the line starting with 2016 models. The add-ons come on the heels of an upgrade for Cue, Cadillac's homegrown connected car platform, which gets a faster processor to try to alleviate some of the lag woes that the current system has been derided for.

CarPlay comes first, which will be in 2016 models with Cue's 8-inch display at launch; this leaves out the current-generation SRX crossover, which is getting redesigned early next year. Android Auto follows later on. (A Cadillac spokesman tells The Verge that owners will be able to bring their 2016 cars into a dealership...

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