2018 Top Embedded Innovator – Dan Cauchy, Automotive Grade Linux


Vehicles are increasingly software-defined networks on wheels. In response, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) has exploded in popularity. Dan Cauchy, a 2018 Top Embedded Innovator and Executive Director of AGL offers insight on trends in open source software and the automotive market.

Today, Linux is everywhere, including cars. What can you tell us about your vision for AGL in vehicles?

CAUCHY: The question implies that AGL is simply an operating system, when in fact it is much more than that. It is a complete software stack combined with a thriving ecosystem.

AGL is built from the ground up including the Linux kernel and hardware board support package, middleware, application framework and APIs, software-development kit (SDK), and reference applications. It is a complete system but offers the flexibility of being fully customizable.

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