8 Surprising Facts about Real Docker Adoption


With thousands of companies using Datadog to monitor their infrastructure and applications, we can see software trends emerging in real time. Today we’re excited to share our latest research into Docker adoption and usage.

Increasingly, Docker is not being run as a standalone technology but as part of a larger containerization strategy, which includes automated orchestration of workloads. Roughly half of the companies that monitor Docker with Datadog now also monitor an orchestrator such as Kubernetes or Mesos, or a hosted orchestration platform from AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

In AWS environments, where Elastic Container Service (ECS) enables users to launch a container cluster in a matter of clicks, orchestration is especially prevalent. Roughly 70 percent of companies running both Docker and AWS infrastructure are also using orchestration. ECS continues to lead in AWS organizations, with 45 percent market share, but Kubernetes has also made steady gains and is now running in 30 percent of AWS Docker environments. With the recent launch of Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), we expect Kubernetes adoption to accelerate in AWS over the coming months.

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