This Week in Numbers: Discrimination in the Tech Industry


Regardless of their sex, one in three people would recommend an employer even if they had seen discrimination while working there. That is one takeaway from the Dice Diversity and Inclusion Report 2018. Based on a survey of US and UK tech professionals using Dice or and eFinancialCareers, the report looked at discrimination based on gender, age and politics.

The study found that 85 percent of women believe gender discrimination exists in the tech industry while only 62 percent of men feel likewise. In other words, twice as many men don’t see sexism. The results mirror many other studies that show men are much less likely to see sexism as a problem. This dynamic also plays out in regards to racism, with black and brown people much more likely to be concerned. Which leads us to ask, why wasn’t discrimination based on ethnicity discussed? The omission is striking!

According to the Dice survey, more tech professionals experienced or witnessed discrimination due to age compared to gender, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. In fact, among those 55 or older, 88 percent are worried that their age can hurt their continuing career.

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