A Kubuntu-Powered Laptop Is Launching In 2020 For High-End KDE Computing


A Kubuntu laptop is launching soon that is aiming for a high-end Linux laptop experience atop the KDE flavor of Ubuntu. Most Ubuntu-powered laptops to date are running the official flavor, of course, with the GNOME Shell. But for those wanting a laptop shipping with the blessing of Canonical and Kubuntu Council with using Kubuntu, a new option is forthcoming via Mind Share Management. The Kubuntu Council stands to receive a “significant contribution” from each laptop sold.

This isn’t a from-scratch laptop design but based on a Clevo p960rd with alterations to improve the Linux experience. On the Kubuntu side the target is for Kubuntu 19.10 / 20.04 LTS but with some alterations around full-disk encryption, OpenVPN, making use of the Kfocus dark theme, Google Chrome, etc.

[Source: Phoronix]