May 3, 2013

Acer's Aspire R7 Combines Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet with one 'floating touchscreen'

After teasing it in a strange, Star Trek-infused commercial, Acer has finally revealed its mysterious transforming device. At an event at Milk Studios in New York City, the company is preparing to announce the Aspire S7. We're not sure what to call it, honesty — it's technically a laptop, but thanks to Acer's new "Ezel" hinge the device sounds (and looks) an awful lot like both a tablet and a desktop computer.

Acer's event hasn't started yet, but we've been able to find a few details of the device. It'll have a full HD display, Dolby Home Theater audio, and a new "Screen Grasp" technology that lets you grab anything on the screen and manipulate it with your fingers. It all sounds a lot like Leap Motion, and indeed may be powered by...

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