Age of the Smartwatch: The Designer Behind Lytro and Fitbit on Our Wearable Future


Gadi Amit of NewDealDesign

Wearable technology is an exploding market. A trickle of devices ranging from fitness trackers, to smartwatches, to identification tools are rapidly turning into a flood, with many more expected for 2014. What separates this category from so many other forms of technology is how personal it is — not only are wearables tools, they also act as ornaments or jewelry. Design plays a crucial role — if something is ugly, unattractive, or just uncomfortable, are most people likely to wear it everywhere they go?

Gadi Amit is the principal designer and one of the founders of NewDealDesign, an award-winning San Francisco firm that has designed a number of consumer products over the past decade. Most recently,…

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