May 7, 2014

AllSeen Member Blog Series: Two Bulls

Two Bulls is a Community Member of the AllSeen Alliance that works with some of the world’s top brands and innovative startups in designing and developing apps, services, products and ecosystems for mobile, desktop and emerging platforms. Its apps have been downloaded millions of times by users around the world. Noah Harlan, Two Bulls Founder, shares his thoughts on being a part of the Alliance, the road to interoperability and the importance of open source in realizing the Internet of Everything.

Why did you join the AllSeen Alliance?
Since our beginning, Two Bulls has been focused on building rich, seamless, immersive experiences for users. Whether learning and gaming experiences or robust B2B and enterprise applications, seamless interactions with the world around the user is at the core of modern, user-centric design and development. Two Bulls had experience doing hardware integration and with the rise of mobile, those integrations became more urgent and, simultaneously, more challenging. A broader range of hardware needed to be integrated with than ever before. Traditional, often proprietary, methods of interaction lacked the sophistication, flexibility and fluidity to meet today's connectivity needs.

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