October 27, 2003

Antelope's Assault on Battery Life

What wireless does to the PC is simple: It makes battery life all-important. Could this be the key to putting Linux on the desktop?

On Nov. 7, the world will see a new portable PC sold through the IBM brand. It's a computer designed without a display, without a keyboard, without a mouse and even without wirelessâall in the interest of building a Windows XP machine that can run for a whole day off a small battery.

The sell isn't what you might expect. The reason Antelope's development team think corporate PC users will go for their palm-sized PC is the money they'll save.

The Antelope-developed Modular Computing Core, which will be sold through the IBM Global brand around the world, aims to try to stop the move away from the PC platform, onto Palms and Pocket PCs and smartphones. The idea is that you will use just one device at home, at work and on the road.

Link: www.eweek.com

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