Apache “Optionsbleed” Vulnerability – What You Need to Know


Remember Heartbleed?

That was a weird sort of bug, based on a feature in OpenSSL called “heartbeat”, whereby a visitor to your server can send it a short message, such as HELLO, and then wait a bit for the same short message to come back, thus proving that the connection is still alive.

The Heartbleed vulnerability was that you could sneakily tell the server to reply with more data than you originally sent in, and instead of ignoring your malformed request, the server would send back your data…

…plus whatever was lying around nearby in memory, even if that was personal data such as browsing history from someone else’s web session, or private data such as encryption keys from the web server itself.

No need for authenticated sessions, remotely injected executable commands, guessed passwords, or any other sort of sneakily labyrinthine sequence of hacking steps.

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