Clouds and Puppies at Open Source Summit: Day 3 in 5 Minutes


Yes, there were Puppies on Day 3 at the Open Source Summit, and they called it Puppy Pawlooza.  In this five-minute video summary, I’m joined by Jono Bacon, leading community strategist and curator of the Open Community Conference.

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) kicked things off with a bunch of announcements Wednesday morning.  Aside from Oracle and Ticketmaster joining the foundation, both Lyft and Uber announced projects entering the CNCF.  Lyft’s project is Envoy, an edge and service proxy, and Uber’s is Jaeger, a distributed tracing system. 

The remainder of the day was filled with fascinating talks about building community, the role of certifications, and some astounding stats on the adoption of both Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes.  Oh, and, of course, Puppy Pawlooza, or should I say Open Source Cuddles?

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