Arcom’s enhanced XScale Linux Development Kit

Jenny McCrae writes “Arcom has further enhanced the features of its Linux Development Kit for the VIPER PXA255 based PC/104 processor board by adding support for hard real-time Linux from FSMLabs. Arcom now includes an evaluation version of RTLinux®Pro, the leading hard real-time extension to Linux. The RTLinuxPro building block is a validated, hard real-time, POSIX operating system that runs embedded Linux as an application platform. The RTCore real-time kernel at the heart of RTLinuxPro provides consistently low interrupt latency and scheduling jitter plus seamless access to Linux. Under heavy load, RTLinuxPro achieves an impressive 45µs worst case system response (delay from interrupt to completion of context switch), compared with 320µs under the standard embedded Linux implementation. The Development Kit includes the 400MHz VIPER single board computer fitted with 64Mbytes DRAM, 32Mbytes of Flash and 256Kbytes SRAM, along with the VIPER ICE (Industrial Compact Enclosure), the VIPER-UPS (uninterruptible power supply), serial and Ethernet cable set, an optional Q-VGA color display and touchscreen.”