August 20, 2004

Arium: full Linux support for ARM and XScale processors

American Arium announced support for ARM and Intel XScale systems running Linux. Arium's hardware-assisted solution lets users seamlessly debug full kernel and processes / applications simultaneously on systems that have neither serial nor network ports. The debugging tool offers a number of new capabilities, including: Full symbolic, source-level debugging of Linux kernel code; Source-level debugging of Linux embedded applications, including the ability to start or stop Linux processes, attach to a process, view source and symbols for a process, and set breakpoints within a process; Specialized breakpoints to stop the execution of a process without stopping the processor or causing it to enter debug mode; Real-time execution trace of ARM-powered and Intel XScale processors by allowing the user to cross-reference trace information back to original source code as well as Linux console hosting devices from within SourcePoint, eliminating the need for a serial port or video device on the target and simplifying the debugging of "headless" targets.


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