Best Design Practices to Get the Most out of Your API


Practical techniques to ensure developers can actually do the things you want them to do using your API.

In the previous chapters, we gave an overview of various approaches for transmitting data via your web API. Now that you’re familiar with the landscape of transport and have an understanding of how to choose between various patterns and frameworks, we want to provide some tactical best practices to help your developers get the most out of your API.

Designing for Real-Life Use Cases

When designing an API, it’s best to make decisions that are grounded in specific, real-life use cases. Let’s dig into this idea a bit more. Think about the developers who are using your API. What tasks should they be able to complete with your API? What types of apps should developers be able to build? For some companies, this is as targeted as “developers should be able to charge customer credit cards.” For other companies, the answer can be more open-ended: “developers should be able to create a full suite of interactive consumer-quality applications.”

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