Caldera OpenLinux


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

Caldera Systems, Inc. is the leader in providing
Linux®-based business solutions through its award-winning OpenLinux line of products and services. OpenLinux is a full-featured, “Linux for Business”
solution that expands Internet/intranet, network and desktop capabilities. OpenLinux products utilize technologies created on the Internet by developers around the world, including the popular Linux kernel developed by
Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux technologies are now used by 12 million+ end users and organizations worldwide. OpenLinux technologies and business
solutions integrate with existing systems such as Novell® NetWare®, LanManagerTM, Sun® Microsystems,
UNIX®, IBM®, Intel®, DOS® and Microsoft® Windows® NT.

  • OpenLinux is a 32-bit, proven, tested, stable and supported Linux-based operating system and business solution that is easy-to-use, self-hosted
    and includes the full Linux source code — with matching binaries — and integrated programs and tools.

OpenLinux 2.3
OpenLinux 2.3 is Y2K tested and certified and includes:

  • 2.2.10 kernel
  • LIZARD (LInux wiZARD) First point-and-click graphical install of Linux
  • KDE 1.1 (K Desktop Environment) Award-Winning GUI
  • KDE development libraries for programmers who want to assist in the development of KDE. Example code, tutorials, and OpenGL extensions are also
  • Applixware Office Suite 4.4.2 (Office Productivity Suite — desktop applications)
  • Development environment for Applixware SHELF
  • Partition Magic CE (Caldera Edition) now supports hard drives larger than 8 GB
  • StarOffice 5.1 (Office Productivity Suite — desktop applications)
  • WordPerfect 8.0 (word processor), 4Front OSS (Open Sound System)
  • Netscape 4.61 (E-mail and browser)
  • BRU (Commercial backup and restore utility integrated into the KDE desktop)
  • Qt 2.0 (by Troll Tech)
  • Glibc version 2.1.1 compiling libraries and localization data
  • COAS 1.1 System configuration and administration is simplified and integrated into KDE
  • New RAID support for IBM ServeRAID
  • Compaq Smart2 RAID
  • Mylex RAID
  • WINE
  • Enhanced frame buffer support
  • LILO boot manager configuration option
  • Conferencing software
  • Video and audio conferencing tools.

OpenLinux 2.3 includes remote management capabilities and integrates into existing systems, running on Intel-based PCs 386 and up — including laptops
— with at least 16 MB of RAM and 350 MB hard disk. OpenLinux 2.3 began shipping in September, 1999.