Phat Linux


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

Phat Linux is the best Distribution of Linux for new users. It is
easily installed on your DOS or Windows partition. It comes with
many popular programs, including the popular desktop environment
KDE preinstalled.

What is PhatLINUX?

Phat Linux is a Distribution of Linux. It is aimed at users who would
like use Linux, but are unable to repartition their hard drive. Phat Linux will run off of
your [Windows 95/98] C-Drive!

Phat Linux 3.0 has lots of great features. It comes bundled with many
popular packages including X-Windows, KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment, the Apache Web Server, a
Dos Emulator, Sound Programs, Image Editors, Popular Libraries, an Anonymous FTP Server
and much much more!

Since Phat Linux comes with KDE preinstalled, you desktop can easily
look like any of these:


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