March 5, 2015

“Can I Borrow Your Phone?” Hands-on With Mark Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu Phone

At the Canonical booth at Mobile World Congress, I had a chance meeting with Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and spiritual leader of Ubuntu. I was actually at the booth to try out the new Ubuntu Edition of the Meizu MX4, a mid- to high-end smartphone, but all of the untethered devices had run out of batteryâevery phone, that is, except for Shuttleworth's.

"Can I borrow your phone for a while, then?" There was a brief pause while he processed the question, no doubt wondering what a perspicacious journalist would do with his phone, but then he nodded his assent and handed it over. We chatted for a while (he had some interesting things to say about the Ubuntu Edge, and I'm happy to report that he's an Ars reader) and then headed off for a meeting.

Read more at ArsTechnica.

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