Catch Up on October Events with Videos from OS Summit, Linux Security Summit, and Open FinTech Forum


October was big month for events at The Linux Foundation. Seriously, just this month, the LF-affiliated events included:

Following this flurry of activity, we want to share some of the highlights with you. At Open Source Summit Europe & ELC + OpenIoT Summit Europe, more than 90 sessions were recorded, and you can browse the list of presentations here.  A few of the featured keynotes include:

There are 21 videos available online for Linux Security Summit Europe, several of which provide an overview of recent developments in the Linux kernel, including the following:

The Open FinTech Forum is a brand-new event, which took place in New York City earlier this month and focused on the intersection of financial services and open source. It covered cutting-edge open source technologies including AI, blockchain, and Kubernetes, and there are 9 keynote videos available online, including:

We invite you to check out these presentations, see all the upcoming Linux Foundation events, and mark your calendar to join us.