Facebook Open-Sources New Suite of Linux Kernel Components and Tools


Today, we are announcing a suite of open source Linux kernel components and related tools that address critical fleet management issues. These include resource control, resource utilization, workload isolation, load balancing, measuring, monitoring, and much more.

Kernel and kernel application developers at Facebook partner with various internal teams to develop technologies that resolve issues and concerns in Facebook’s data centers — the same challenges that many throughout the industry share. The following products are now in production on a massive scale throughout all of Facebook’s infrastructure, as well as at many other organizations.


BPF is a highly flexible, efficient code execution engine in the Linux kernel that allows bytecode to run at various hook points, enabling safe and easy modifications of kernel behaviors with custom code. Although it’s been widely used for packet filtering, BPF’s instruction set is generic and flexible enough to support and allow for a wide variety of use cases beyond networking such as tracing and security (e.g., sandboxing).

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