October 23, 2017

Center stage: Best Practices for Staging Environments

Let’s talk about staging.

We’re talking about staging because no one talks about it. It’s mentioned in passing as the annoying sidekick to production. It’s the expected and completely necessary part of the deployment cycle barely touched by schools or internships. It’s considered such an obvious part of architecture that no one mentions it, no one details it, many people do it wrong—and some don’t do it at all.

When you have an idea burning a hole in your keyboard, you want to push to master and demo nonstop—but that can quickly get away from you. First you’re running off Janice’s laptop, then Sarah pushes it to AWS, and suddenly people are paying you to deploy buggy code with a Capistrano script. You want the pain to stop but you’re scared of the cure

It’s not about eating your tech vegetables; it’s about showing respect for your users’ money and time.


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