Chris Aniszczyk Talks About The Open 3D Foundation


The Linux Foundation recently announced a new foundation called the Open 3D Foundation for multi-platform 3D gaming technologies. Amazon’s Lumberyard has become the anchor project for the foundation, leading to creating the ‘first’ purely community-driven gaming engine. However, AAA games are not the only consumer of 3D gaming technologies; they have a wider usage in many other industries, including film production, automotive, healthcare, and so on. Under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, O3DF will be able to bring different players from different industries and verticals to collaborate on technologies that have so far remained solely proprietary and dominated by a few companies. It’s going to commoditize and democratize gaming technologies, enabling many more players to build great services and products based on these technologies. In this interview, we sat down with Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, CNCF & VP of Developer Relations, The Linux Foundation to discuss the new foundation.