Cloud Foundry: Focusing on Flexibility and Choice for a Cloud-Native World


For some organizations working outside of technology hubs such as Silicon Valley, there is a vast shortage of developer talent to choose from. As a result, many have taken a proactive learning approach to help bring their developers up-to-speed with the demands of today’s cloud-native software platforms.

Cloud Foundry is evolving its technology to benefit these users’ goals, explained Cloud Foundry Executive Director Abby Kearns, in this live-streamed episode of The New Stack Makers podcast recorded at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe last month.

“For each of these companies that are becoming software companies, they’re trying to find out, where do they find that talent?” Kearns said, adding that, “We’re seeing a lot of companies invest in training and re-training people, teaching them to be cloud-native developers and I think that is the most fascinating piece of all this.”

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