Kubernetes by the Numbers: 10 Compelling Stats


How quickly has Kubernetes’ popularity soared? By most accounts, very quickly. Earlier this year, Cloud Native Computing Foundation executive director Dan Kohn penned a blog post that dug into that claim. People regularly tout Kubernetes as one of the highest velocity projects ever in open source history: Does the data back it up?

As Kohn found, there may not be a single definitive metric, but they all point in the same conclusion: “You can pick your preferred statistic, such as that Kubernetes is in the top 0.00006% of the projects on GitHub,” Kohn wrote. “I prefer to just think of it as one of the fastest moving projects in the history of open source.”

You can find plenty of numbers that illuminate Kubernetes’ path to becoming one of the most popular container orchestration tools, as well as other important characteristics of the platform. We rounded up some of the best for your consideration – and your potential use in making the case for Kubernetes in your organization.

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