Cloud Foundry Foundation Matures–Becomes A Linux Foundation Collaborative Project


News this morning that the Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service (PaaS) initiative, is going to become a Linux Foundation collaborative project with a “Governance by Contribution†model. This development was always going to happen, not least because of the varying commercial tensions in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. (Disclosure, I’m an adviser to ActiveState, a contributor to Cloud Foundry, via their acquisition last year of Appsecute). The project was begun within VMware and has gained widespread traction. Since that time VMware VMW -1.53% has spun the Cloud Foundry part of its business out into Pivotal but tensions exist due to the fact that Pivotal is both the primary entity involved with the project, but also a commercial operation that needs to find ways to monetize the product. Put frankly, what is right for Pivotal may or may not be what is right for the Cloud Foundry project more generally. A governance body helps to allay these fears. While Cloud Foundry did indeed announce a foundation earlier this year, this announcement sees the foundation actually come into existence.

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