Cloud Native DevOps: Four Horsemen of the Operations Apocalypse


Co-founder of RunDeckDamon Edwards kicked off his London DevOpsDaystalk with a familiar and painful story, about an unnamed organization that took on the latest technologies — the cloud, Docker, microservices, Kubernetes — only to scramble in the complexity when something breaks.

First, a bridge call happens that just generates a lot of questions. The lead dev escalates it to the Scrum Master. It can’t be figured out. The questions get bigger and bigger and now everyone is on the phone and on a growing ticket — network engineers, business managers, app managers, lead developers, a site reliability engineer (SRE), system administrators, middleware managers, SVP, Chief of Staff, two technical VPs, more middleware folks… the list goes on.

Eventually, the whole network is down, so the operations team is focusing on that. Somebody else realizes the original outage was all because of a changed firewall.

“Can you change it back?”

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