Ubuntu’s Cosmic Cuttlefish Brings Performance Improvements and More


Canonical has just recently announced that Ubuntu 18.10, code named ‘Cosmic Cuttlefish’, is ready for downloading at the Ubuntu release site. Some of the features of this new release include:

  • the latest version of Kubernetes with improved security and scalability
  • access to 4,100 snaps
  • better support for gaming graphics and hardware including support for the extremely fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • fingerprint unlocking for compatible systems (e.g., Ubuntu phones)

The new theme

The Yaru Community theme — the theme for Ubuntu 10.18 — is included with Ubuntu 18.10 along with a new desktop wallpaper that displays an artistic rendition of a cuttlefish (a marine animal related to squid, octopuses, and nautiluses).

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