August 31, 2000

Compaq offers Open Source Developers Program

Author: JT Smith

Compaq has established a free developers program for OpenSource developers at The program offers free tools for Alpha and Intel servers and technical support for porting and optimizing on Compaq platforms. The Compaq JumpStart! CD, created with the Linuxcare, eases the conversion of and existing Alpha's to run Linux and the Alpha Power Tools CD provides all of Compaq's Alpha Linux developers tools free of charge. In addition, developers can advertise their applications and services throughout the Compaq sales organization and customer base by submitting their products to the Compaq Solutions Alliance Directory, an online listing of solutions running on Compaq systems. Testing of these applications is made easy by using Compaq's free TestDrive website at where anyone can access Compaq's systems online for testing 24 hours a day.
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