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Continuous Integration and Delivery Tool Basics


CI/CD tools are key to today’s agile, container-driven software production cycle. This “explain like I’m 5” overview helps you get started.

Once upon a time, back when waterfall was the primary software development methodology, you could spend months or years working on a single software project. With the help of agile methods, programming cycles were reduced to days or weeks.

How quaint all that looks now! Weeks? Ha! In today’s DevOps-driven world, we use continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) to update programs in time frames measured in days or hours. For example, with its CI/CD pipeline, Netflix takes less than half an hour to move its programs from code check-in to multi-region deployment.

Automation is a key part of the CI/CD process, so naturally there are several tools that aim to help you manage the tasks. To set the stage, let’s review the basics of CI/CD before I give you an overview of some popular CI/CD tools.

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