How VMware Manages Open Source Code and Compliance


VMware is an active member of the open-source community, contributing its efforts to multiple projects and organizations. Helping to organize and lead VMware’s open-source initiatives is the company’s chief open source officer, Dirk Hohndel.

In a video interview with eWEEK, Hohndel explains where open-source technologies are being used by VMware and how the company contributes to development efforts. Hohndel joined VMware in 2016, after spending 15 years as the chief Linux and open source technologist at Intel.

Open source at VMware has multiple aspects, including code contributions, software projects and code used within VMware’s commercial products. Open-source licenses often include compliance requirements that organizations like VMware need to track. For example, VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform includes open-source components, with license compliance and reviews conducted by Hohndel’s team.

“On the engineering side, we have open-source teams in pretty much every business unit that are working with open-source components and contributing to projects,” he said. 

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