Cox: Linux 2.4.4-ac4 available


Author: JT Smith

Alan Cox and the kernel team are in high gear. Here’s another release. It’s at Intermediate diffs are available from

o Fix future domain scsi (Carlo Prelz)
o Merge Linux 2.4.5pre1
o Fix ipx without sysctl compile (Pavel Roskin)
o Revert fork changes to match Linus 2.4.5pre1
o Drop the threaded core dump code
| It can go back in when it works
o Drop pa-risc work – it’ll be easier to resync
just once as pa has moved on a lot
o Add spin_lock_prefetch to get_empty_inode (me)
| Experimenting
o Kbuild has moved (Keith Owens)
o Update kernel docs on memory barriers (Rusty Russell)
o Move es1370 pci_enable and do some cleanup (Marcus Meissner)
o Fix netfilter overuse of __exit (Rusty Russell)
o Fix alpha build bug (Michal Jaegermann)
o Fix tigon1 build (Olivier Galibert)
o Fix tmpfs deadlocks writing into a file from
an mmap of itself (Christoph Rohland)
o Fix missing (but harmless) return in vmtruncate (Al Viro)

o Fix hang on boot with SMP (Andrea Arcangeli)
| and fixes a few more uglies too
o freevxfs module name was wrong (should be
freevxfs.o) (me)
o Update alloc_etherdev docs (Erik Mouw)
o Remove dead funcs, put back ip_set_manually
in the ipconfig code (David Miller, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Fix SA_ONSTACK standards violation (for x86) (Christian Ehrhardt)
| Other arch maintainers should check.
o Add another species of SB AWE 32 (Bill Nottingham)
o SE401 USB camera driver (Jeroen Vreeken)
o Correct MAX_HD and make stuff static in ps2esdi (Hal Duston)
o Fix inode-nr corruption (Al Viro)
o Fix pgd_alloc for user mode linux (Jeff Dike)
o Fix UML hostfs for get_hardsect_size (Jeff Dike)
o Tidy up APM options setting, add module opts (Stephen Rothwell)
o Fix acm open race (Oliver Neukum)
o Further bounce buffer fixes (Arjan van de Ven)
o ACPI updates (Andrew Grover)
o Move pci_enable_device earlier on via audio (Arjan van de Ven)


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