Data Protection for Containers: Part I, Backup


 How do you ensure data is properly backed up and recoverable according to current policies on a Kubernetes cluster?

Traditional agent-based backup software won’t work natively with a container orchestrator such as Kubernetes. A Persistent Volume (PV) may be attached to any host at any given time in the cluster. Having a backup agent hogging the mount path on the host will lead to unpredictable behavior and most certainly failed backups. Applying the traditional backup paradigm to the containerized application paradigm will simply not work. Backup schemes need to be consumed as a data service provided by the cluster orchestrator and the underlying storage infrastructure. In this blog you’ll learn how HPE Nimble Storage provide these data protection services for Kubernetes and how cluster administrators, traditional storage architects and application owners that are part of a DevOps team may design and consume these data protection services.

Before we dig in, the very loaded word “Backup” needs to be defined with a touch of the 21st century. I’m using the define: operator on Google search to help me…

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