Day One at Camp KDE 2010



The first day of Camp KDE is behind us, with the first of the many presentations being well attended. A full summary of the talks lives behind the break, and videos will be online shortly. If you are in the San Diego region, feel free to join us for Camp KDE for talks and training.

Saturday, the first day of Camp KDE 2010 in San Diego, started with a short introduction by Jeff Mitchell. Jeff, who was the principal organizer of the conference, introduced us to a bit of history about Camp KDE and then went into some statistics about the KDE community. The conclusion was that if we maintain our current rate of growth we’ll have about 6 billion developers by 2050. Continuing with this theme, he spoke about current topics in KDE such as the migration to Git and the upcoming release of KDE SC 4.4. Jeff then introduced the talks to follow, including the work on KDE-on-Windows, KOffice and KDE technology on mobile devices…

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