VirtualBox’s Little Secret: The Command Line



The most obvious question is, “Why work at the command line when you have a perfectly good GUI?” The answer is power. Since 1995, there’s a whole generation of computer users who think that the computer is a collection of windows and graphics, but, in reality, nothing could fall farther from the truth. Why, 1995, you ask? 1995 ushered in a new age of graphical computing with the introduction of Windows 95. Soon following that fateful August was the release of FVWM95, which was the Linux answer to the Windows 95 Explorer interface. It seemed to me that the good old days of the command line were gone forever. No one wanted to use DOS anymore and they weren’t too thrilled with Linux either. The command line is still alive and well in Linux environments. It’s still very much alive in the Windows realm. And now that Macs are Unix-based, it’s kicking up some non-GUI dust as well…

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